With perfect after-sales service, the company will protect your investment to the maximum extent, and provide one-stop service from sales, installation to daily maintenance. "To create first-class quality and sincerely serve users" is the eternal goal and commitment of geosheng people. Hunan Desheng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. has established a strong sales and service network in large and medium-sized cities across the country. The contents are as follows:
Professional service content: "prevention first, pre inspection and pre repair", formulate perfect maintenance system, and divide maintenance measures into different levels according to week, month, quarter and year, and carry out targeted maintenance according to service life of equipment, consumption of vulnerable parts and maintenance experience of the same type of equipment, so as to avoid failure as much as possible.
Standard service quality: adhere to the principle of "people-oriented", regularly provide skills and safety training to the front-line service team, improve the ability of front-line service personnel, and build a high-quality service team.
Convenient service network: set up multiple after-sales service points in important cities nationwide, and open a 24-hour service hotline.

Address:Xiangshang Shiji Xincheng 4104, Kaiyuan Road, Xingsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha City
Factory address: Desheng Industrial Park, Jinlong Avenue, Jinlong New District, Xiangyin, Yueyang, Hunan Province
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