Automated shuttle parking system
Fast  shuttle parking system

It is a new type of vertical and horizontal sliding parking system. That combined advantage of vertical lifting type and horizontal conveyor type, lifting & sliding& revolving are carried at the same time  for saving time of parking and storage. This kind equipment can be set quickly to realize fast access, with simple operation and intelligent management. It comes into widespread use. It reaches security, reliability and green environmental parking spaces.

Space save. Maximum parking plots: building level up to 50 level
Parking capacity: 40-100 vehicles
Bottom, middle,top entrance possible
Adapt fork exchange technology, park and retrieve less 60 second
Inbuilt and standalone options available
Computerized control system
Easy maintenance and operation


How it works

The shuttle automated parking system pick the car by the computerized machinery and lifts that will safely place it inside the building.The system consist of electro mechanical conveying devices, capable of vertical and horizontal movement at same time.used to store/retrieve to/from multi-level parking positions without human intervention.


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