Automatic Storage&Retrieval Warehouse

Automated storage and retrieval system
An automated storage and retrieval system used in warehouse management system that widely used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, It is the array of computerized routines for automatically receiving and shipping the materials from defined storage locations without manual labor, It can be used with standard load as well as nonstandard loads, meaning that each standard load can fit in the uniformly-size volume.

Full use of floor space, vertical space
Increased inventory storage density
Improved ergonomics and safety, 
Increased throughput
Reduced labor cost, Lower necessary workforce requirement
High efficiency picking accuracy
Improved products security for premium inventory
Provide inventory control and tracking.

Structure height6-18m,18-23m,23-35m
Cargo dimensionWidth:800-1800;1800-8000mm
Cargo weight200-500kg;500-1000kg
Crane max speedHorizontal speed:200m/min
Vertical speed:80m/min
Fork taking:60m/min
Operation modeManual, semi-auto, single machine &multi machine automation

Production floor

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