Vertical Rotary Parking System-PCX

Auto rotary carousel parking system


Rotary parking system

Rotary Parking Equipment mainly consists of main steel structure,plate structure, transmission system, control system, and safety protection device. This automated parking solution suitable for small size building like shops. Hotels apartment blocks. Simply for site where there is lack of parking spaces.Construction of the system required only two parking space . This system is developed to utilize maximum vertical area in a available minimum ground area.

 There is no need for a attendant because of its simple one touch operation. The system senses where vehicle is closer to the ground and rotates bi-directionally either clockwise or counter clockwise for fast retrieval time. Extremely safe and reliable. It is impossible for vehicles to fall with endless chain and pallet drop prevention system.


Small footprint, install anywhere
Less cost
Space for parking 3 cars can hold more than 6-24 cars
It adopts rotating mechanism so as to minimize the vibration and noise
Flexible operation
No caretaker is needed, key pressing operation
Stable and reliable

Easy installation and reallocate

Level: 5-10 level
Parking capacity: 6-20 space
Operation mode: ID card/touch screen/manual
Power supply: 3 phase ,5 wires ,AC380/50Hz
Control mode: Intelligent PLC controller
Car size: 5200x1900x1550/5200x1900x2050mm
Space load: 2300kg
Exit size: 2700x2000m
Rotary motor: 12-45kg
Turntable motor: 0.75-2.2kw
Rotary motor: 0.75-2.2kw

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