Crane Parking System
Crane parking system

Crane parking systems is a fully automated parking lift system that consists of a central lifting and positioning mechanism that is built into the center. The rails that the crane glides on are installed at the ceiling and floor and run down the center isle.  This parking structure  perform the horizontal and vertical movements at same time. The simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement allow the vehicle platform to move to and from one parking spot to another very quickly. The crane mechanism moves horizontally on the rails, typically located on the floor and ceiling of the parking system .

Space save. Maximum parking plots: building level 2-7
Parking capacity: 50-120 space
Fast car retrieval for its lift and slide at same time.
Inbuilt and standalone options available
Computerized control system
Easy maintenance and operation

How it works

The crane parking system is a fully-automated parking lift system that can be built above or below ground. It is suitable for multi-level(2-7)solution,ideal for large parking capacities with long laneway . The system can lift and slide at same time. fast transport the vehicle to from parking plots without human interruption.


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