Shuttle Parking System

Shuttle parking system

Shuttle parking system is a shuttle-based automated parking solution, also referred to as rack and rail parking system, The system is based on shuttles performing single path horizontal movement along fixed rails and storing vehicles on racks located perpendicular to both sides of the fixed rails.

The structure is made of concrete(with embedded rails) or steel racking structure(similar to warehouse racks) this allow achieving maximal efficiency in rectangular shapes, Shuttle systems range from single level to multi-level, and typically serve large parking capacity parking garage.

This robotic parking system is a fully integrated automated parking facility capable of  receiving, parking and retrieving passenger vehicles automatically, All parking operation( including vehicle lifting, transfer, distribution and storage are performed by multiple independent machine directly by computer problems. That execute procedures with no human intervention. Operation of the system is monitored from a control room.


Space save. Maximum parking plots: building level up to 2-10 level
Parking capacity: above 1000  space
Bottom, middle,top entrance possible
Fast car retrieval for its lift and slide at same time.
Inbuilt and standalone options available
Computerized control system
Easy maintenance and operation

How it works
The shuttle parking system is a multi-level(2-10)solution,ideal for large parking capacities, building in underground or above ground. The system is redundant and autonomously transport the vehicle to from parking plots without human interruption.

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