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Parking place | the largest parking building in Beijing will be set up in universal Resort
Date:2019-08-29 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
The first phase of Universal Studios theme park covers an area of more than 60 hectares, and the annual tourist volume is expected to reach 11 million people. The park will introduce the advanced amusement attractions and special effects of Universal Studios to reproduce the magical scenes in the film. The high-profile universal Beijing resort will open in the first half of 2021. How is the current construction progress? Recently, the reporter visited and learned that the construction work of the first phase of universal resort is in full progress, among which, the steel structure installation of each bid section of Universal Studios theme park has been basically completed, and Nuojin resort is about to be capped. The parking building that can accommodate more than 6000 parking spaces is under construction ■ more than 6000 parking spaces in the parking area have all reserved charging facilities located in the south side of the park, and the parking building that can accommodate more than 6000 parking spaces is also under construction. Xu Liping, deputy general manager of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd., introduced that the "free installation" feature of the parking building reduces the construction links and pollutant emissions, but requires high technology and process, "one-time forming" in technology, requiring the formwork to be smooth and neat, while maintaining the compactness during the concrete vibrating process, and maintaining the continuity during the pouring process to avoid color difference.

        The parking building of universal Beijing resort has six floors above ground and underground. It is designed with reference to the parking building of Universal Orlando Resort in the United States. Tourists do not need to "reverse into the warehouse", which can realize fast parking and reduce the congestion caused by vehicle interleaving and avoidance. More than 400 charging piles will be built in the first phase of the parking building, and more than 6000 parking spaces will be reserved for charging facilities in consideration of the demand for later charging equipment. At the same time, the wear-resistant and solidified floor is increased to improve the anti-skid performance. During peak hours, the surrounding open area can also be parked. The west side of the first phase parking building is equipped with a large-scale parking lot, including more than 2000 parking spaces, which can accommodate public transportation, buses, taxis, network car hailing, bicycles, etc. With the follow-up construction, parking lot will also be built. After getting off at the parking building or parking lot, visitors can go to the square in front of the gate through the pedestrian center and Universal City Avenue in Beijing, and queue up to enter the gate of Universal Studios theme park, with a walking distance of about 800 meters.
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