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Construction of Houhu new three-dimensional parking lot in Yuelu District, Changsha City
Date:2019-07-19 Source:HUNAN DISHENG

[July 12, Xiaoxiang Morning Post] in recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society, the problem of parking is becoming increasingly prominent. For this reason, Yuelu District has made great efforts to promote the construction of "one circle, two fields and three roads" and to alleviate the parking difficulties. The three-dimensional parking lot of Houhu new village is one of them. On July 11, the reporter saw at the scene that the three-dimensional parking lot of Houhu new village is located at the intersection of Houhu road and Qingshui Road, covering an area of 9510 square meters, with Houhu new village resettlement community on the north and east sides. At present, the main body of three five story three-dimensional parking garage has been completed.
"The land used to be a small hill. We saved land and made the most of urban space. We built it into a three-dimensional parking lot." Zhang Jun, the relevant person in charge of the Construction Party of Houhu new village three-dimensional parking lot project, introduced that the project investment was 18 million yuan, which was launched in October last year. It is divided into two parts: three-dimensional parking lot and ground parking lot, with a total of 457 parking spaces, including 176 ecological parking spaces. In order to facilitate the new energy vehicles, the parking lot is also equipped with a new energy vehicle charging pile.


"We will realize intelligent parking. In the future, only one staff will be needed for such a large parking lot." According to Zhang Jun, the smart parking system will be installed in the three-dimensional parking garage. The public only need to drive the vehicle into the parking equipment. After swiping the card, the system will automatically respond and park the vehicle in the designated parking space by moving up and down, left and right.
"The next step will be the facade decoration and pavement construction of the three-dimensional parking garage, which is expected to be completed in July." Zhang Jun said that Houhu new village parking lot is an important basic supporting facility of Houhu district. After being delivered for use, it will not only alleviate the parking problem of Houhu new village residents, but also serve Houhu scenic spot, Houhu culture and Art Park, Houhu smart Park and surrounding subway stations.
The reporter learned from Yuelu District Housing and construction bureau that in 2019, the whole district plans to build 16 parking lots and 5307 parking spaces. Up to now, 12 parking lots have been built and 3826 parking spaces have been added. There are still 4 parking lots under construction, which are expected to be completed by the end of October.
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