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Beijing Tongzhou will add 3050 electronic berths by the end of the year
Date:2019-07-18 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
[Beijing Daily, July 12 news] from January 1, 2019, Tongzhou District of Beijing took the lead in implementing the road parking reform in the city. There are 15 sections and 2300 roadside pilot parking electronic charges. Citizens can complete the parking payment only through electronic channels. Tongzhou District roadside parking phase I project was put into operation on January 1, 2019. The project involves 15 sections and 2300 parking spaces of Baishi line, including Furong East Road, Xincheng South Street and Liyuan middle street. The main electronic equipment includes 330 sets of high-level video equipment and 650 sets of low pile video equipment. Up to now, the total number of service vehicles is 825800.

In terms of electronic toll collection, Tongzhou District has completed the interconnection between the road parking electronic toll collection system and the urban two-level financial bill system, realizing the functions of parking electronic toll collection and non tax revenue electronic bill. Up to now, there are 618547 receivable orders and 519906 paid in orders for electronic toll collection of roadside parking in Tongzhou District, with a paid in rate of 84%.
Technical personnel said that during operation, it was found that this geomagnetic charge mode can not be separated from manual work. When vehicles enter and leave, they need to take photos and obtain evidence manually, so they will be transformed into video piles.
At present, the second phase of reconstruction is in progress, including more than 20 roads including Yuqiao East Road and Qiaozhuang South Road, among which 110 parking space geomagnetic technology electronic toll equipment will be upgraded.

Reporters learned from the district development and Reform Commission, Tongzhou District, as the first batch of regional implementation, through the promotion and guidance of many channels, most of the citizens have been able to master the way of parking payment, and pay parking fees through Beijing traffic APP, Alipay, WeChat and so on.
Through orderly parking, the parking order around the road is significantly improved. By the end of the year, another 3050 berths will be added, and the total area will reach 5350 berths.
Reporter: Wang Haiyan, Feng Weijing

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