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Macao has completed the installation of ground sensing devices for 400 roadside berths
Date:2019-07-12 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
  [Macao Daily, July 12] Lin Yanxin, director of the Transport Bureau of the Macao SAR, said that the smart public transport service in Macao will be improved through science and technology. At present, ground sensors have been installed in 400 roadside light vehicle berths in the new port area. In the future, drivers will find empty parking spaces in the parking area with ground sensors faster through the website. Yesterday afternoon, the Transport Bureau briefed the Advisory Committee on the basic features and guidelines of the bus service, the design of the yamara front area, the summer road project, and the law enforcement of the new taxi law. Yesterday was also the last meeting of the committee, chaired by Lin Yanxin, chairman and Secretary for transport.
At the meeting, the Advisory Committee paid attention to the installation of ground sensors in the parking space of light-duty roadside vehicles. Lin Yanxin said that the new port area and the South Bay area have successively installed ground sensors in light vehicle parking spaces. So far, the installation of 400 berths has been completed. In the short term, the corresponding network information will be opened as soon as possible. Residents can learn about the parking space vacancy rate of the installed ground sensors in each area through the corresponding website, which is conducive to finding parking spaces faster.
He said that the ground sensor device is mainly installed in the parking space. It is used in combination with the meter device and the cloud system. When there is a parking space, the data will be transmitted to the cloud system through the meter device. The traffic bureau, the traffic department, the police and the residents can learn about the use of the relevant parking space through the corresponding path. He said he hoped to improve Macao's smart public transport services through relevant equipment.
The first priority of deleting berths is the overall social interests
Recently, a part of the roadside berths in the North District have been deleted. Lin Yanxin, the traffic director, said that the authorities have always taken a cautious attitude to decide whether to delete the roadside berths. If it brings benefits to the overall interests of the society, including expanding the traffic lanes or solving the problem of traffic black spots, he thinks it is worth it.
Lin Yanxin stressed that the decision of the authorities to delete roadside berths mainly follows the established principles, including whether it is conducive to the overall interests of the society. For example, after deleting several parking spaces, there will be an extra lane, which means that the traffic flow of 800 vehicles can be increased every hour. When it is beneficial to the overall traffic, the relevant berths will be cancelled; if it is not beneficial to the society, it will be more concerned Demand for existing berths.
He also pointed out that, for example, in the traffic black spot of zhizhiji Beiwan, a certain number of public parking lots have been provided for the nearby residential buildings at present, and the distance is not far. If some roadside berths are deleted in this area, the problem of traffic black spot on the site can be solved, which is considered to be worthwhile, and it is hoped that the nearby residents can understand the decision of the authority.
Fair use of meters
In response to the recent suspicion of the re emergence of meter entry service, Lin Yanxin pointed out that at present, there is a maximum parking time limit for meters in all districts, but anyone can enter the meter. In response to the principle of fair use of public parking facilities, he hoped that owners of roadside berths would abide by the maximum parking time limit and provide convenience for other drivers eager to use the facilities.
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