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Beijing's first historical and cultural district parking plan has been issued, South Luoguxiang will realize no parking in Hutong
Date:2019-07-10 Source:HUNAN DISHENG

The reporter learned on July 1 that Dongcheng District of Beijing specially studied and formulated the parking plan for motor vehicles in the historical and cultural protection zone of Nanluoguxiang, becoming the first parking plan for the historical and Cultural District of Beijing. Under the guidance of this plan, Nanluoguxiang district will provide public space of Hutong to Beijing citizens through the realization of no parking in Hutong. At the same time, in the future, the South Luoguxiang area will create a public space with green shade, birdsong and the taste of old Beijing, and regain the memory of old Beijing's Hutong.

In recent years, with the increase of resident vehicles, a large number of motor vehicles are parked in the alleys of the historical and cultural block of Nanluoguxiang, squeezing the limited public space. The random parking behavior of motor vehicles not only affects the normal traffic order, destroys the style and residential environment of the alleys, but also hinders the passage of emergency vehicles, bringing major hidden dangers to the safety of life and property of residents.
In 2018, the comprehensive improvement of traffic order in Nanluoguxiang District relied on the residents' parking self management committee to carry out the residents' parking qualification certification. At the same time, in order to reduce the parking pressure caused by social vehicles entering the Hutong of nanluo District, relying on the property management of bungalow District, remote control is implemented in the Hutong of Nanluoguxiang district.
At present, Dongcheng District government has specially coordinated Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. to build Nanluoguxiang Nankou convenient temporary parking lot by using the traffic patching land of Metro Line 8. Meanwhile, it has coordinated the underground parking resources of the surrounding facilities, provided parking spaces to the vehicles that meet the residents' parking quality certification standards to the maximum extent, and provided parking spaces for the vehicles that meet the "three certificates in one" parking qualification The people coordinated the preferential price of parking charges for residents.
In order to ensure the parking demand of residents, the Jiaodaokou sub district office has coordinated to set out a special parking area for residents in the parking lot; at the same time, in order to facilitate the arrival of residents between the Hutong and the parking lot, and to meet the travel demand of residents in the Hutong, especially the elderly, the sick, the disabled, pregnant and other special groups, the sub district has coordinated with the Pingfang district property management company in Nanluoguxiang district to provide residents with the parking area The free and convenient ferry service shall be provided, and the management of the ferry shall be strengthened to ensure the timeliness and service of residents' demand for use. Residents can reserve the convenient service car for travel by the service phone.
Source: qianlong.com

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