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There is a long way to park, and you can solve all the difficulties in Hunan
Date:2019-07-31 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
With the progress of society, people's living standards are constantly improving, people pay more and more attention to health problems, and the number of visits to the hospital is increasing. However, due to the difficulty of parking in the hospital, there are many cases of delayed visits by medical staff. The problem of insufficient parking spaces is a headache for hospitals and medical staff all over the country, resulting in the subjective reasons of "congenital deficiency" The traditional ground parking lot is far from meeting the demand of existing parking, and there are objective factors such as lack of foresight in planning.

Can the difficulty of hospital parking really be solved?
Today, I'd like to introduce some intelligent parking garage
(1) Less investment, fast installation
(2) Safe use, simple operation, fast access and easy maintenance
(3) PLC control, high degree of automation
(4) Flexible layout, convenient combination and various forms
(5) Steel wire rope (or chain) type lifting drive, with large safety factor and reliable performance balance
(6) Multiple safety protection measures are provided to ensure the safety of people and vehicles
(7) Good man-machine interface, various operation modes can be selected, easy to operate
(8) Environmental protection and energy saving, low noise
(9) It used to be able to park three cars, now it can park five cars
2. Vertical cycle parking equipment
(1) Provincial location: it covers a small area, with a single group of equipment occupying about 2.5 parking spaces (about 36 ㎡), which can accommodate 12-20 vehicles;
(2) Convenient: it is easy to operate, use PLC to control automatic shunting, and use one key to access the vehicle; the carrier plate can rotate 360 degrees, so as to achieve the effect of vehicle entering and leaving the warehouse forward.
(3) Fast: the system will intelligently control the rotation direction of the equipment according to the position of the car board, and pick up the car nearby with high speed;
(4) Energy saving: only one or two drives for a single group of equipment, with low power consumption. In the case of 12 parking spaces on the seventh floor, the power consumption of the farthest vehicle is only 0.4 degree at a time, and that of the nearest vehicle is less than 0.1 degree;
(5) Economy: small floor area, saving land investment cost, and less investment in foundation and external decoration;
(6) Reliable: this kind of equipment has simple structure, high safety and reliability, and low failure rate;
(7) Short period: under the premise of complete goods, the whole installation process of single group of equipment can be completed within one week
3. Vertical lifting parking equipment - comb type
(1) The comb type small tower storehouse integrates the technology of lifting and moving and the tower storehouse, which can build up to 16 floors, greatly improving the space utilization rate.
(2) The lifting mode is chain or steel wire rope, and the maximum lifting speed can reach 50M / min, which solves the problem that the general lifting traverse cannot be lifted quickly.
(3) Vehicles enter and exit from the ground floor, and the ground floor is separated by a parking space and an entrance. Each entrance is equipped with a lift to send vehicles to the parking space or the ground.
(4) One lifting channel is reserved for each group of control area, and generally two entrances and exits are designed to share one lifting channel.
(5) Different concrete foundations need to be made on the ground according to different load cores.
(6) When accessing the vehicle, input the vehicle number or swipe the card on the touch screen, and the device will automatically send the vehicle to the ground.
In 2018, Hunan Shisheng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured Liuyang maternal and child intelligent three-dimensional garage project, which completely solved the problem of parking around the hospital, not only highly recognized by the owner, but also continuously praised by customers. In addition, the contracted projects include Dongguan Fifth People's Hospital, Changsha Furong city intelligent garage project, youa Zhongshan national product intelligent garage project, Fujian industry and Commerce Bureau intelligent garage project, Shenzhen Qiguan hotel intelligent garage project, Changsha Public Security Bureau stereo garage project, Beijing beichi Dingfuzhuang Xili No.2 Hospital intelligent garage project, Malaysia intelligent garage project, etc
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