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What functions should large public parking system have?
Date:2019-06-03 Source:HUNAN DISHENG

Large public parking lot systems, such as some stations, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, airports, etc., are more used to provide parking services for temporary users. They are characterized by temporary parking, one-time use, short parking time, frequent access and so on. Therefore, when we design these parking lot systems, we should meet the requirements of simplicity, practicality and income Cost management, reduce the operation cost of parking lot, large public parking lot system should have the following functions.

1. In order to meet the requirements of fast traffic for fixed users, a long-distance identification system shall be equipped. Fixed users can pass directly without taking cards, so as to speed up the traffic speed and ease the traffic congestion in and out of the lane during peak hours.
2. There are many temporary users in large-scale public parking lot. If the card is taken into the site, due to the small capacity of the card ticket box, the card may be taken out in the peak hours. The management personnel need to open the ticket box frequently and fill in the card, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, the large-scale parking lot system should use large capacity ticket box to meet the needs of a large number of temporary users.
3. The parking lot equipment shall be simple and easy to use, and shall have voice broadcast and LED display functions to guide the operation of vehicles in and out of the parking lot, so as to avoid some users not knowing how to use the equipment, resulting in the blockage of the entrance and exit.
4. Equipped with guidance system to enable users to quickly find parking spaces. Whether it is to install a simple location guidance system or an advanced video guidance system, guiding vehicles is an essential function of large parking lot.
5. Pay attention to the safety guarantee of the parking lot, equip with image comparison and other functions, monitor the vehicles in and out and store data, so as to make it well documented to deal with abnormal events.
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