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Date:2019-04-22 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
On April 19, the reporter learned from Changsha traffic police detachment that the detachment has basically completed the data collection of the city's parking lot.
In recent years, parking problem has gradually become the key to affect urban traffic. In order to solve the increasingly prominent phenomenon of "difficult to park" and "difficult to park", at the beginning of February 2019, Changsha traffic police detachment, in accordance with the work requirements of the municipal government on Further Strengthening the management of the city's parking lot, comprehensively grasped the basic data of the city's motor vehicle parking lot, and provided the basis for the government's decision-making and construction of intelligent parking management. The parking lot management section of the traffic police detachment, in accordance with the unified Department of the detachment The Department, with the urban service brigade's stop management squadron as the main body, carried out carpet type investigation with the assistance of the information collector of the city transportation investment group, conducted a comprehensive investigation and visit to the city's parking lot, and sent professionals to input, check and analyze the data collected after the investigation. As of April 15, the traffic police detachment has basically completed the data collection work of the city's parking lot.
The car park data collection work makes full use of modern data technology, such as big data and Internet plus, which lays a solid foundation for the government to optimize the parking resources allocation in the future, provide accurate, convenient and efficient parking information service for the public, and actively alleviate the parking problem in Changsha.

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