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"Ai + parking" is promising
Date:2019-04-19 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
On March 19, 2019, the seventh meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform deliberated and adopted the guidance on promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of the development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, adhere to the market demand orientation, take industrial application as the goal, deepen reform and innovation, optimize the institutional environment, stimulate the innovation vitality and endogenous power of enterprises, explore the path and method of application and transformation of innovation achievements, and build data-driven, human-computer cooperation and cross-border integration based on the characteristics of different industries and regions Create and share the intelligent economic form. This is another good policy after upgrading AI to national strategy, which plays an important role in promoting the industrial application of AI.

 AI has been practiced in many industries of the national economy, such as AI + home, AI + security, AI + medical, AI + education, etc. This paper will explore the application of AI in the field of urban parking, as well as the operation status of AI + parking market.

The current situation of urban parking
It's difficult to travel because there are many cars. In recent years, the number of car ownership has increased significantly, while the construction speed of domestic parking facilities lags far behind the growth speed of car ownership, and the supply gap of parking spaces is huge. Taking Beijing as an example, in 2017, the city's car ownership reached 5.63 million, while the number of parking spaces was only 2.06 million, with a proportion of about 1:0.37. If the developed countries are taken as a reference, the proportion of parking spaces should be 1:1.3-1:1.4. At present, the proportion of parking spaces in cities in China is mostly between 1:05-1:0.8, which is seriously low.
Traditional parking hurts a lot. For the traffic management department, on the one hand, the number of parking spaces in the city is in short supply, on the other hand, a large number of parking spaces are idle and wasted; for the operators of the parking lot, the market concentration of the traditional parking lot management industry is low, and the level of specialization needs to be improved; for the private owners, the problems of parking difficulties and car finding difficulties have been common, and the parking service experience is poor.

Application of artificial intelligence technology in parking field
In the most important field of industrial application, artificial intelligence "looks", "listens" and "speaks", that is, can understand, understand and express. In the intelligent parking industry, through the HD camera, the vehicle features are captured as the only identification code of the vehicle entering the parking lot, and the identification code is used as the identity authentication to calculate the parking fee. In most cases, the camera reads the license plate number as the unique identification code; for unlicensed vehicles, the body color, vehicle model, vehicle brand and surrounding features will be selected as the vehicle identification code. Through the camera, the intelligent parking system can see the vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot; through the identification code, the intelligent parking system can remember the time of entering and leaving the vehicle, and then charge the parking fee.
With the development of intelligent parking, camera will become an important way to collect vehicle information, and then carry out diversified operation based on vehicle information. For example, by reading vehicle brand and body color through camera, we can basically judge the income level and gender of car owners, and then provide targeted services to expand diversified operation.

AI + parking business model
Parking information sharing. Using the existing intelligent parking equipment, integrate the real-time information of the spare parking spaces, provide users with parking space search recommendation, parking navigation access services, and save users' access costs. On behalf of the enterprise, we have everything to do in parking.
Parking space booking B2C. Network the parking lot and provide parking space reservation service. The parking lot operator publishes the information of the reserved parking spaces through the platform, and the owner inquires and reserves the parking spaces on the platform to ensure that there are parking spaces. On behalf of the enterprise, there are anchor.
Parking space sharing P2P. Build a parking space sharing platform for car owners, provide docking services for car owners who have parking spaces or want to park, activate the free time of parking spaces, and improve the utilization rate of parking spaces. On behalf of the enterprise, Ding Ding stops.
Intelligent parking process optimization. The intelligent parking equipment is laid to realize the intellectualization and Internet of the parking lot, provide parking space search, reservation, navigation and other services for car owners, and help the b-end parking lot to achieve gain plugging and improve management efficiency. On behalf of the enterprises are jetsun technology and etcp.

Revenue sources of AI + parking operators
Car parking fee. Although smart parking has the typical characteristics of Internet economy, direct charging to consumers is still the main source of income for smart parking enterprises. Especially for small intelligent parking operation enterprises, the platform scale is limited, the users are limited, it is unable to effectively expand diversified operations, and the revenue channels are less. Therefore, the parking fee royalty is still the main source of revenue.
Diversified income. When intelligent parking operators have enough parking lots and platforms with enough customer resources, they can carry out diversified operation around the drivers, parking lot owners and parking lots on the platform to obtain diversified income. There are many forms of diversified income, such as agency insurance sales, entering the second-hand car market, providing auto finance, personal micro loans, sales of auto consumables, etc., which need to be selected in combination with the operating advantages of operators. It is not easy to form a diversified income scale, which requires not only enough platform users and users' stickiness, but also strong operation ability of intelligent parking operators.
Advertising revenue. Intelligent parking operators can implant advertisements in various ways to improve the company's revenue, such as pushing advertisements on the driver's client, embedding voice and plane advertisements on the hardware equipment at the entrance and exit, and even embedding advertisements in the parking lot. Some advertising resources are owned by intelligent parking operators, some need the access of parking lot owners, and sometimes it is necessary to negotiate with parking lot owners about the proportion of advertising revenue when planting advertisements.
Hardware revenue. In the early stage of the development of intelligent parking industry, due to weak market competition and opaque hardware installation market, intelligent parking operation enterprises can reduce hardware cost and realize hardware installation profit through centralized procurement. But as the market competition intensifies, the profit brought by hardware installation will gradually decrease until it disappears or even collapses.
Government subsidies. For the roadside open parking lot with the main purpose of strengthening urban management, if the government requires higher prices, government subsidies can be implemented to achieve a win-win situation between the government and intelligent parking operators.

Development trend of AI + parking Market
At present, the AI + parking market is in a state of warlords' melee. Although there are advantageous companies in the industry, they have not formed absolute advantages. On the one hand, the expansion of the AI + parking market requires human resources, which cannot be replicated with the help of Internet tools, and the scale accumulation is slow; on the other hand, there are many business entities in the parking lot, which are difficult to be unified. However, in order to achieve profitability, AI + parking must have scale and share platform costs. Therefore, after a period of warlords' scuffle, merger and reorganization will become the main characteristics of the market, and small AI + parking operators will disappear, or they can rely on large operators to realize their own profits.
Facing the market of tens of billions of AI + parking, in the absence of absolute advantage enterprises, for some enterprises with flexible mechanism and creative thinking, the market has great potential.
Source: Liu Sizhen, founder of Peking University Institute of artificial intelligence
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