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Civilized worship of green and Qingming
Date:2019-04-04 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
It's another year of green grass, another year of tomb sweeping. Before the Qingming Festival, the intermittent spring rain brought moisture and freshness to the land of southern Guangdong. The fog has blown away, the flowers are in full bloom, everywhere are new green buds, the sky is bright and bright, full of the breath of spring.
Tomb sweeping in the Qing Dynasty, sacrifice to ancestors, and Thoughts on life. This is a tradition that has lasted for more than two thousand years in China. It has been handed down from generation to generation with warm feelings. In the thin mist of this spring, people came to the cemetery as usual to pay homage to their relatives. However, different from the traditional way of setting off firecrackers and burning paper money in the past years, more and more people are consciously choosing frugal and low-carbon green sacrifice. Present a bunch of flowers, hold a cup of hot tea, plant a green tree, fold a prayer card, and then gently say something to the deceased family, just like the spring breeze, fresh and natural.
Behind the change of sacrificial ways is the renewal of people's ideas. Setting off firecrackers and burning paper money not only pollutes the environment, increases the burden of sanitation workers, but also causes the risk of fire. The noise and smoke brought by them are not a kind of disturbance to the souls of the dead relatives who are resting in peace? "When the age of 100 questions" there is a saying: "when all things grow up, they are clean and clear, so it is called Qingming." To express recollection in the form of environmental protection, to express sorrow in a thrifty way, not burning paper money to make the air cleaner, not setting off firecrackers to make the earth more peaceful, which really conforms to the solemn, quiet, clear and elegant spirit of Qingming Festival.
Some people say that without the sound of firecrackers and the curl of paper smoke, there would be less "traditional flavor" of Qingming Festival. We need to know that innovation is also indispensable for the inheritance and development of traditional culture. At present, low-carbon environmental protection has become a symbol of social development and progress and people's broad consensus. With the advent of the information age, online worship is also becoming a new fashion for young people. Only by adapting to the new requirements of the times and injecting new elements of civilization, can the traditional Qingming culture be integrated with the real culture, thus being endowed with lasting and brand-new vitality. The true value of Qingming Festival is beyond the form of sacrifice. It enables us to know how to appreciate and cherish the lost life, and understand the greatness and significance of life more deeply.
In the contemporary society, when the family is small and the hometown is far away, parents have become a vague and profound landscape in their children's homesickness dream. If the relatives have passed away, let's carry forward their excellent moral character and don't lose the spiritual blood passed down from generation to generation; if the relatives are alive, let's double cherish and treat them, and don't let the sadness of "the son wants to raise but the relatives don't treat" become a lifelong regret; more importantly, we should live our life positively and optimistically, and don't indulge in losing relatives People's grief can't extricate themselves. After all, Qingming Festival is a season full of hope and vitality. Under the sun and on the grass, the living people's high spirited life attitude should be the best consolation for the dead.
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