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Hefei encourages social capital to participate in the construction of public parking lots, with a maximum prize of 30000 yuan for each berth
Date:2019-01-19 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
      With the development of the city, it is more and more difficult to park in the city. In recent years, Hefei has been increasing the construction of public parking lots. However, due to historical reasons and the continuous growth of vehicle ownership, the parking space gap is still obvious. Recently, Hefei officially issued the implementation rules for the construction and management of motor vehicle parking lot, and took out "real money and silver" to encourage social capital to participate in the construction. If the car passes the assessment, a parking space can be supplemented with a maximum of 30000 yuan.

real gold and silver encourage social capital
Before that, Hefei had also introduced corresponding measures to encourage social capital to build parking lots, but due to the long cycle of cost recovery, the enthusiasm of social capital has been low. In the detailed implementation rules issued this time, by referring to the experience of the first mover City, Hefei city has given a series of practical bonus policies. Social capital invests in the construction of new public parking lots. Those who pass the annual evaluation will cash in the bonus fund in a lump sum according to the regulations, and one parking space can get up to 30000 yuan.
According to the introduction, the specific award and compensation standards are determined according to the parking facilities. For example, the ground parking space construction and installation cost is estimated to be 10000 yuan / parking space, and the compensation standard is 1000 yuan / parking space; the underground self-propelled parking garage construction and installation cost is estimated to be 120000 yuan / parking space, and the compensation standard is 30000 yuan / parking space.
Zone 2 can apply for temporary parking
According to the detailed rules, in the area where the parking demand cannot be met, the land-use right holder may apply to the acceptance Department designated by the people's Government of the zone (the Management Committee of the Development Zone) for the establishment of temporary public parking lot by using the self use site, the open space at the corner or the open space between the red line of the sidewalk and the legal building. If the residential area complies with relevant regulations, the owner's shared site can also be used to apply for the establishment of temporary public parking lot.
The specific work shall be carried out by the owner's meeting or the owner's Committee authorized by the owner's meeting in the residential area according to the steps, which shall be agreed by the owner whose exclusive part accounts for more than two-thirds of the total area of the building and more than two-thirds of the total number of owners. If the owners' meeting has not been established and the property management has been implemented, it shall be set up after the property service enterprise in the early stage solicits the opinions of the owners in accordance with the interim management regulations; if the owners' meeting has not been established and the property management has not been implemented, it shall be set up after the community residents' committee solicits the opinions of the owners. The income from the use of the owner's shared site to set up temporary public parking places in the residential area shall be owned by all the owners.

Preferential parking for new energy vehicles
New energy vehicles will park in public parking lots (spaces) invested and constructed by the government and its state-owned enterprises twice a day for free, no more than 5 hours at a time; temporary parking spaces on urban roads will park for free within 2 hours, and half of the fees will be charged for more than 2 hours.
Public parking spaces for charging and free parking spaces for new energy vehicles shall be clearly marked. The operation (construction) enterprises or property right units of charging facilities shall take technical measures to strengthen management, and relevant management departments shall take measures according to law to avoid being occupied by traditional vehicles.

encourage the opening and sharing of parking resources
Government agencies, enterprises and institutions, residential areas and individuals are encouraged to open their special parking lots (spaces) to the society all day or in different periods of time on the premise of meeting their own needs.
In case of wrong time parking, the parking space and parking vehicles can be relatively fixed, and an agreement shall be signed in advance to clarify the rights, interests and obligations of each party, charging standards, parking time period, liability for breach of contract, etc. The people's Government of each district (Management Committee of Development Zone) shall strengthen the guidance of right and wrong time parking, formulate specific implementation measures and incentive policies, organize streets and communities to excavate parking resources, timely release relevant information by using the wrong time parking function of municipal parking information management and service system, and realize the opening and sharing of parking resources.

parking resources should always "touch the bottom"
The sustainable development of public parking lot construction must be guided by planning. According to the implementation rules, the planning department shall prepare the special parking plan of Hefei according to the overall urban planning, urban development needs and parking supply-demand relationship. The relevant departments shall carry out at least one general survey of parking resources every two years, and the planning department shall improve the special parking plan of Hefei on a regular and dynamic basis according to the survey results.
The urban and Rural Development Department of Hefei city organizes the people's governments of all districts (Management Committee of Development Zone) to prepare the three-year rolling construction plan and annual construction plan of Hefei public parking lot. The people's governments of each district (Development Zone Management Committee) shall, according to the special parking plan of Hefei city and the development situation of the area under their jurisdiction, sort out the parking difficult areas, prepare the annual public parking lot construction plan, submit it to the urban and Rural Construction Committee of Hefei city for review and summary, and then submit it to the municipal government for approval before it is issued and implemented.
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