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Automated tower parking garage
Date:2020-02-17 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
Project location: Yueyang city hunan province                                        Car capacity:100 space
Building: 25 stories                                                                                          Configuration: tower shuttle parking system

This project located at yueyang city,  wit 25 layer fully automated parking garage changsha, hunan province.  It turned 5 convertional parking spaces into 100 space. built on 25 stories. The driver only swipe the card to enter the parking carbin. and get out of the system. The driver parking the car less than 90 second.

Address:Xiangshang Shiji Xincheng 4104, Kaiyuan Road, Xingsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha City
Factory address: Desheng Industrial Park, Jinlong Avenue, Jinlong New District, Xiangyin, Yueyang, Hunan Province
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