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Changsha County star cast three-dimensional garage project successfully completed!
Date:2018-10-10 Source:HUNAN DISHENG

Changsha xingtou intelligent three-dimensional garage project designed, manufactured and installed by Hunan Desheng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered for use.
Xingtou Xingcheng intelligent parking garage is the first fully intelligent mechanical three-dimensional parking garage in Changsha County. It adopts PPy plane mobile intelligent type, with a total of 10 floors, 190 designed parking spaces, and two sets of 95 spaces each.
The construction of the garage has solved the traffic flow nearby and the time-consuming problem of parking, which has been highly praised by users. Our company will continue to focus on parking problems, solve parking problems with three-dimensional garage, build smart city with technology system, smart transportation, and enjoy safe and convenient travel.

PPy plane mobile three-dimensional parking equipment adopts the principle and structure similar to the three-dimensional warehouse. At least one horizontal car is responsible for vehicle access on each floor of the system. The elevator connects different parking floors with the entrance and exit. The vehicle only needs to stop at the entrance and exit. The whole process of vehicle access is automatically completed by the system.

Technical features:
High automation, fast processing, continuous in and out of the warehouse, high parking efficiency. Multiple people can access the vehicle at the same time.
With intelligent comb exchange and intelligent manipulator exchange and other handling methods, the equipment selection is flexible.
• it can be used in ground and underground garages, with fast access speed and forward driving, without reversing, turning and other actions.
Fully enclosed construction, good safety of access vehicle.
It has the characteristics of space saving, flexible design, diverse modeling, less investment, low cost and maintenance cost, convenient control and operation, etc.
There are multiple safety protection measures to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.
• easy to operate, it can be managed centrally and operated by customers themselves.
Do not exhaust automobile exhaust gas, clean and environmental protection.
Address:Xiangshang Shiji Xincheng 4104, Kaiyuan Road, Xingsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha City
Factory address: Desheng Industrial Park, Jinlong Avenue, Jinlong New District, Xiangyin, Yueyang, Hunan Province
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