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Liuyang women and children three-dimensional garage project successfully completed!
Date:2018-10-10 Source:HUNAN DISHENG
Designed and manufactured by Hunan Shisheng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. and successfully delivered to use the Liuyang women and children's intelligent three-dimensional garage project. The three-dimensional garage adopts PSH type lifting and shifting six floors, a total of 54 people. The construction of garage can effectively solve customers' parking troubles.

PSH type lifting and traversing parking equipment is the most widely used type in the market at present. This kind of equipment is economical in cost and simple in operation. It can not only increase the parking space, but also take into account the convenience of vehicle access. It can be widely used in all kinds of commercial, enterprise, organ, hospital, community and apartment construction of above ground or underground parking lot, and is an ideal parking equipment. It can also be combined according to two rows of through type or two sides of back-to-back type after the completion of the site.
Technical features:
For limited parking equipment space, the number of parking can be doubled, which can save a lot of space;
Modular installation, multi unit combination, convenient and flexible, to meet different needs;
PLC computer control, simple operation, convenient access to the car;
Simple structure design, stable operation, safety and reliability;
. electric cable "or chain" type lifting drive system, stable and reliable operation.
Safety hook is set to fully ensure vehicle safety;
• photoelectric detection, control the vehicle specification and parking position to make the vehicle park orderly;
• photoelectric safety detection, automatic stop when personnel enter by mistake, increase the safety factor of the garage;
Emergency stop button is set to stop in case of emergency to avoid accidents;
Free choice of operation mode: button type, touch screen type, swipe card type.
With the increasing number of cars and the shortage of land resources in China, intelligent parking equipment (three-dimensional garage) is the trend of social development. It has the advantages of large parking capacity, small floor area, coordinated appearance with the building, convenient and safe parking, convenient management and green environmental protection. It can effectively alleviate the parking problems in urban public places, residential areas, etc., so it is subject to the national industrial policy Policy support, broad market prospects.
Address:Xiangshang Shiji Xincheng 4104, Kaiyuan Road, Xingsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha City
Factory address: Desheng Industrial Park, Jinlong Avenue, Jinlong New District, Xiangyin, Yueyang, Hunan Province
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