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Chairman message

The earth gives birth to all things

he earth does not fear its lowliness,
Then we can gather water to form a sea,
People are not afraid of their inferiority,
Only in this way can all the people become king,
Everything in the world comes from the earth,
It's low.
Earth is the origin of all life,
The earth produces all things, the people are precious, and the first-class talents are united,
Unicom's first-class thinking, strive to be the most influential intelligent garage enterprise in the world.

Address:Xiangshang Shiji Xincheng 4104, Kaiyuan Road, Xingsha Economic Development Zone, Changsha City
Factory address: Desheng Industrial Park, Jinlong Avenue, Jinlong New District, Xiangyin, Yueyang, Hunan Province
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