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Customizable design

The tower parking system isdesigned to automatically move the vehicle on a pallet vertically ontheelevator. It then transfer it horizontally left or right for storage, very fastretrieval time is accomplished in less than 90 minute. This system is ideal tomaximize parking in narrow plots


Shuttle parking system

Shuttle parking system is a shuttle-based automated parking solution,The system is based on shuttles performing single path horizontal movement along fixed rails and storingvehicles on racks located perpendicular to both sides of the fixed rails.


Puzzle parking sytem

Horizontal puzzle systems offer a high density and efficient vehicle handling capability in an automated parking system. Typically around95%.usually used for a smaller parking application. In a multilevel horizontal puzzle systems garage, a set of pallet covered a solid floor or steel frame.  each pallet is supported by a set of rollers and belt that drived by motors . Rollers driven by belts located underneath the pallets glide them moving up and down, left and right.


Crane parking system

Crane parking system is a fully automated parking lift system that consists of a central lifting andpositioning mechanism that is built into the center. The rails that the crane glides on are installed at the ceiling and floor and run down the center isle. This parking structure  perform the horizontal and verticalmovements at same time. The simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement allow the vehicle platform to move to and from one parking spot to another very quickly.


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